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Low Power 0 - 130 watt

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Compact & Highly customisable

Our new 40W battery-backed switch-mode PSU offers advanced control features.Particularly suitable for systems where the available space is restricted, the Oracle III-40 measures just 100 x 100 x 45mm and yet is equipped with all the advanced communications and control features of larger models in the range.

Entry Level battery-charger Power Supply

Ideal for cost-sensitive applications, whilst maintaining flexibility of the main and battery charge outputs.

Allowed total output current can be apportioned across the outputs to suit your application.

Designed specifically for the exacting demands of the Utilities, Fire Protection, Telemetry and Control industries. The 75W unit represents a high level of functionality tailored to the requirements of these users.

Highly customisable, conceived as a multi application platform and offers options normally only found on larger units, such as auxiliary outputs, configurable I/O and an SPI port

Battery backup for mission critical application

Conceived as a bigger brother to the 75W unit the 130W shares many features of its sibling and builds upon them.

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