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EPS 12 - 500C (12V @ 500mA)

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  • Power Supply Type:Linear
  • Output Type:Fixed
  • Outputs, No. of:1
  • Mounting Type:PCB Mount
  • Depth, External:89mm
  • Length / Height, External:32.5mm
  • Width, External:63.5mm
  • Approval Bodies:CE
  • Current, Output:0.5A
  • Frequency, Max:63Hz
  • Frequency, Min:47Hz
  • Frequency, Supply Max:63Hz
  • Frequency, Supply Min:47Hz
  • Power Rating:5W
  • Regulation, Line:0.5%
  • Regulation, Load:100mV
  • Temp, Op. Max:50°C
  • Temp, Op. Min:0°C
  • Tolerance, Supply Voltage AC +:2%
  • Voltage, Output:12V dc
  • Voltage, Output Ripple and Noise pk-pk:4mV
  • Voltage, Supply:240V
  • Voltage, Supply Max:250V
  • Voltage, Supply Min:210V

Integration services

At VxI Power we believe that providing a power supply is a small part of our service to the customer. Our extensive battery knowledge and mechanical design capability enable us to provide turnkey solutions for your DC standby application.

We have the on-site ability to supply all of the units we manufacture in a cabinet or rack.

cabinets & racks
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