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96V DC INPUT (77-162V) - GWH 500 SERIES

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  • Input DC
  • Making current limitation I max < I nom
  • Maximum permissible
  • superimposed AC voltage
  • of voltage source Ue ∼≤5%
  • Maximum activation
  • delay (including run-up) Tv < 2 Sec.
  • Overcurrent protection safety fuse in input circuit
  • Overvoltage protection Varistor in input circuit
  • Polarity reversal protection Polarity reversal protection device in input


  • Direct output voltage
  • Output currents
  • Output decoupling diode is built into the device.
  • The anode side of the decoupling diode is also led to the output terminal.

Control data:
Load control < 0.1%
Mains control < 0.1%
Superimposed AC voltage
(measuring bandwidth
30 Mhz) ≤ 1%
Undershoot /
overshoot at load
changes of 10 - 90% ≤ 5%

Protection and monitoring equipment:
Overload protection U-I characteristic curve current limitation
Activation point: 1.1 x I nom
Sensor line operation Wrong sensor line connections do not

damage the converter.
In the event of a sensor line break the

output voltage is limited to a maximum of

120% of the nominal output voltage.

1 V adjustable.
Overtemperature protection Shut-off if temperature becomes too high,

automatic reactivation when temperature

Varistor in output as additional overtemperature protection.
Signalling relay in output with volt-free changeover contact.
Output voltage monitored for undervoltage and overvoltage.

Operating parameters:
Operating temperature range -25°C - 70°C (derating from +50°C with

Cooling From built-in fan, temperature controlled

Primary -> secondary 3kV 50 Hz
Primary -> housing 2kV 50 Hz
Secondary -> housing 2kV 50 Hz
Electrical safety VDE 0805 EN60950
Protection class 1

EN61000-6-1 to EN61000-6-4

Control, operating and indicating elements:>
Indicators There is an LED at the connection sidefor indicating

the presence of the input voltage.
A second LED indicates output voltage within range.
A third LED indicates temperature too high
Output voltage adjustment The output voltage can be adjusted using

a potentiometer at the connection side
The adjusting range is +5% -10%.
Parallel switching capability 3 units can be operated in parallel to

increase output.
An internal current sharing circuit is

mainly responsible for this.
Sensor line operation 1 V, adjustable

Electrical connections:
10mm² screw terminals for input and 4mm² for output (double)
1.5mm² screw terminals for signalling

Mechanical configuration:
Dimensions: WxHxD, 225 x 125 x 125
The standard version of the converter is housed in an aluminium case.
The screw terminals enable fast and simple connection.
The 125mm height means the converter can be also installed in a 19" rack.
The surface of the converter is finished in white chrome.
A ruggedised version of the converter is also available for railway applications.

Option: vibration-proof.

Integration services

At VxI Power we believe that providing a power supply is a small part of our service to the customer. Our extensive battery knowledge and mechanical design capability enable us to provide turnkey solutions for your DC standby application.

We have the on-site ability to supply all of the units we manufacture in a cabinet or rack.

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